Green Feet

Ecosystem Health Services

Restoring, protecting, and appreciating the health of ecosystems in our community


What is Green Feet?

We are a Green company, rooted in our experience in restoring, protecting, and respecting our land

Green Feet is a new type of business called a 'Social Enterprise' that has been in operation since 2012. We provide services for restoring, protecting, and appreciating the health of ecosystems - Ecosystem Health Management. We provide these services by holding the people we work with, the ecosystems we interact with, and the revenues that sustain us as being equally important. Although we are a small company, this means we have a unique approach in order to bring our services to you.


We educate and employ individuals in our area in restoring, protecting, and appreciating the health of ecosystems. We work as a family, meaning that our employees help each other, and we look after our family by offering competitive wages and a family friendly work environment. We encourage our staff to take the lead on particular projects as their own expertise may help each project to shine.  

This focus on people extends to our customers as well,  Because we operate with the focus of land health, we often participate in trades for services so that finances are not a barrier to the better health of our ecosystems. 


The improvement and protection of the services that ecosystems provide for us - such as pollination, food production, wildlife, water filtration, recreation, among hundreds of others - marks the focus of how we measure our success. 

We focus on our main goal primarily through Food Security as one of the most highly demanded needs that our ecosystems can provide for us. We split our work into themes that over time,  we have found to form the pillars of Food Security: 

  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Food and Forests
  • Food and Water
  • Green Economics
  • and Community engagement


Our profits are directly re-invested into benefitting the projects we are involved with, in supporting the environmental or social goals of our partners, and the wellbeing of our staff. 

Ultimately, our work aims to leave our footprints in the form of healthier ecosystems with resources for our future generations.  

Let Green Feet Ecosystem Services Management help you as well to leave Greener Footprints for our next generation

The Story of Bruce County

Bruce County and Saugeen Shores have a rich and interesting history that goes behind the work that motivates the work of Green Feet. 

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Our seasonal services



Spring, Summer, and Fall

We specialize in the creation and management of natural, sustainable, productive ecosystems that benefit our clients: Native, butterfly, organic gardens, Climate Smart Agriculture systems and more.

Our techniques in designing and implementing these plantscapes can save you money and help you to tap into higher payoffs in the markets

Aerial Imagery and Analysis


Spring, Summer, and Fall

We now offer aerial imagery, photography, and videography of your landscapes at affordable prices by using our fleet of Drones (UAV systems). 

The aerial imagery we can help you to capture is vastly beneficial in helping you to communicate the impact of your restoration or protection work, or just to help you to understand your land better.

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Project Support



Do Grant applications scare you?

Troubles with planning or management of a project?

Just need some suggestions to keep you on track?

We have over 15 years of experience in project work from the home to the municipality scale. We are people too, and understand the challenges. 

Services from trained and experienced professionals

Specialized services and Projects


Check out the unique and specialized services we offer

Green Feet has worked closely with community members, businesses, industries and individuals in order to benefit people, profits, and the planet on a larger scale.

See our portfolio of projects to see how our work might be able to someday benefit you, your business, or organization

Regulatory and Voluntary planning and assessments


We are connected to a team of highly educated individuals that are well experienced and passionate about this work. Together, we can help you to plan, manage, and implement the vision you have for your land



Part of our work focuses on the  educating and encouraging community members from all walks of life to learn about sustainability and reconnecting to our land

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