Green Feet Teamwork

"Everything you need to know about life, you can learn through Dogsledding"

Now booking dogsledding excursions in Bruce County and Grey County for the 2018/2018 winter season. Contact us for more info or to pre-book

During the winter, we turn our green feet into green paws and enjoy our winter travelling by one of Northern Canadas most iconic activities: Dogsledding!


With a lifetime of history and experience in dogsledding, we are super happy to offer

  • Excursions and rides (click the link below)
  • Team Building excursions
  • Presentations
  • Dogsled dog training (keep heading South on this page)
  • Musher training *by special request to join this crazy fun sport

Learn more about the head honcho musher and the dogs that you'll be heading out with here

Check out our Excursions and Rides here

Learn team building

Skillbuilding within a genuine team of 'co-workers'

To venture out with a team of dogs requires patience, kindness, leadership and, above all, a sense of working together as a team. 

Build Relationships among your team members

To experience an adventure that a group shares together helps to build a sense of understanding among team members. All team members must work together using their own skills and roles in order to get from point A to point B...the nature of dogsledding itself. 

Dogsledding is an incredibly effective outlet for uncovering these skills and roles among a group of people, as well as a group of dogs. 

Contact us for more details on our Team Building Training Excursions

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Learn about dogsledding

Learn from the last handful of traditional, recreational and racing style dogsledders and Mushers from SouthWestern Ontario


Indoor or outdoor presentations can be arranged during the off season. 

These are geared towards informing people on the context, training, health, organizations, and the capabilities of dogs in this sport

Learn from the last handful of traditional, recreational and racing style dogsledders and Mushers from SouthWestern Ontario

During a period of rest for the dogs, Meet and Greets can be arranged, where you can meet the dogs, learn a little from the mushers, and see what the dogs look like in harness. 

Contact us to arrange your educational experience

Training and Exercise

Interested in becoming a dogsledder?

In some cases, a person is crazy enough (jk) to want to pursue the elegant art of becoming a dogsledder. So, in this rare case, we do offer musher training,

Musher training, involves

  • Dog behavior
  • Driving a sled, and getting to know your sled
  • Ganglines, harnesses, and equipment basics
  • Commands
  • Dog health, diet, and training tips
  • potential excursions
  • And of course, stress management

Is ur husky overactive and wrecking your house?

Thats what they do! Channel that Energy!

Husky dogs, and even husky crosses are dogs that are bred for running and pulling. They like the cold weather, and usually enjoy working in a rewarding and meaningful team context. There is a growing number of husky dogs as pets and in some cases, they can be a handful for their owners.

An option is available for Green Feet to run with your active dog on our team in order to keep your pup well exercised. 

This option is available only in the fall, and winter seasons.

Cost: $35/run

OR Bartering arrangement


$60/hr Core Training/Musher Training

$35/hr Regular training (described below)

OR bartering arrangements

Click here to learn more about bartering arrangements

Contact us to arrange for training and exercise

Dog training: The Nitty Gritty Details

We focus mostly on dogs that have Husky in their line - Siberian, Malamute, Eskimo - but in some cases, you might have a wicked awesome lab or heeler or shephard. We don't judge.

First thing before anything is to let us know dogs age, breed, and any past injuries or health issues that might prevent or limit your athlete in their runs.

The only thing were '0 Tolerance' about is that we can't run aggressive dogs...but thats part of what we set up Core Training for ;)  

Once you decide you want your dog to give it a shot, Core Training is where we start. It typically lasts 1-4 sessions and runs 1hr/session.

Core training involves:

  1. Fitting in harness, and will wear without anxiety
  2. Will pull a drag and WANTS to pull
  3. (if s/he is to be exercised) Meets other team members without arguments
  4. Getting a good sense of your dogs character and ability to interact with other dogs. 

Once your dog is through this, he/she is ready to start Regular Training - AKA pulling on a team - and they’re welcome to join our team of adventurous athletes on some of our runs. This exercise varies in length according to  your dogs capabilities, and each run can last 45mins-6hrs.

Your doggy gets snacks on the trail for each hour of running, and a soup that would rival any grammas at the end of each run. We follow best practices learned from the dogsledding community at every step of our work with the dogs so if you'd like more details, just ask how were keeping it safe, healthy, and fun for your amazing creatures!

*option: if you would like, and if your dog is really outstanding, he/she can join one of our touring teams

**Training happens in the Late fall, early spring, and winter. 

***We do not run dogs when the temperature is ABOVE 12’c. 

***#We do require that each dog owner is able to drop off an pick up their pups for each run, as well as is required to purchase a harness - then if their dog ends up being a chewer of harnesses, we dont lose any more of our own equipment. 

As always, please keep in mind to be flexible because there are always 'things' we cant prep for and as hard as we migh try to run this operation as logistically smooth as possible, sometimes, hell can break loose. Thanks for your understanding.


$60/hr for Core Training

$35/hr per Regular Training runs (45mins-6hrs)



~ For your peace of mind ~

~ We are a kennel-less operation :) ~ 

We work with the dogs of families and with dogs who are rescue animals. This makes a unique operation. Each and every dog is a pet and has super love from their families - so their life is super awesome that way. AND they still get to be their breed, and be working animals when we pick them up or see them dropped off. We try to keep this distinction clear for the animal. They have good reason to keep smiling faces on and wagging tails going when they put their working hats on.  

Every effort is made to ensure your safety and the safety of our dogs during any and all involvement with these athletes. This includes regular replacement of equipment, equipment inspections, visiting sites prior to activities, familiarizing dogs with people, socialization with other dogs, countless hours of training, and countless other steps that we make to share an enjoyable experience for both you and the dogs we work with. 

We do our very best to follow all best practices and use the most cutting edge techniques to improve our practices according to the dogsledding community and pet health community.

To this day, we have yet to see a dog we work with who is not super excited to see us when  we pull in to pick them up, or when they are dropped off.

For those going on tours, we do our best to ensure that people and pets are safe, and we ask that you do the same. It is up to you to know your limits, and to communicate with Amanda or staff prior to working with dogs to discuss any potential issues that may affect your ability to work with dogs