Sustanable Harvesting of NTFP's

NTFP's are also known as 'Non-Timber Forest Products". These are goods and services that come from natural ecosystems that are NOT conventional timber products. There are many foods, medicinal or pharmaceuticals, craft materials, and other biological resources aside from timber. 

Green believes endorsing NTFPs as they serve to remind us that our natural ecosystems can grow many more of the important products that we need to survive then we give them credit for. As well, many of the species which are grown in our native plantscapes, or restoration agriculture are grown for future NTFP harvesting.

FOODS: A good guide to Seasonal Produce in Ontario can be found here

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Wild Harvested Foods



Fiddleheads are the unfurled fronds of Ostrich or Princess ferns. They are a delicious addition to pasta, pizza, or on its own as a vegetable sizzled in butter. They have a taste described as similar to beans or asparagus and can be substituted for nearly any vegetable in a recipe 

Patches are guaranteed to be found >100m from conventional agriculture land/cottage land/roadways and are only sourced from sites where water sources feeding a patch is actively moving and flowing. Green feet follows sustainable harvesting techniques only, including picking no more the 2-3 fiddleheads/bunch, picking from a patches where no other harvesters have previously picked, and using patches that show healthy and dense growth of ferns (>0.5ha, >4bunches/sqm). 

Market prices (2017): In Canada range from $5.99/lb (value mart)-$24.50/lb (Earthly delights)

Cost (2017)

  • Raw: $12/lb, This is the unfurled front, cut <6" above the ground. 
  • Pickled: $8.50/half pint (8oz)



Mushrooms in ontario are extremely dependent on weather and temperature conditions. 

Mushrooms are guaranteed to be handled and picked sustainably and in a safe manner, including not coming into contact with unsafe woodland features 

Market prices (2017): TBD

  • Chantarelles: TBD
  • Pheasant back: TBD

Leeks or Ramps


Leeks (AKA Ramps) are ontarios wild onion. They grow in woodland areas and emerge just after fiddleheads usually alongside trilliums and trout lilies. They are incredibly strong flavoured bulb and equally strong flavoured leaves, both of which can be safely enjoyed as foods.

Leeks are guaranteed to be safely and sustainably harvested, harvesting bulbs and leaves at the very most <1/10 of each patch, from areas that contain at least a total size of 10ha or more of leeks that cover 15% or more of the forest floor during their fruiting season. 

Market price (2017): TBD



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