We love dogs. Especially ones that are...


High energy

If you get a little anxious about taking your dog for a walk, and find yourself worrying that your dog is going to tear up your house if youre not around, this is what our training program is made for. 


Looking for some cool friends

Good friends make life awesome. This doubles for dogs, that usually spend most of their time with people who cant speak their language and cant run as fast as they can. We like to give dogs a pretty cool type of space to, well, just be a dog...alongside other dogs...and learn together with those other dogs how to work together as a team. This is what our training program is for. 


Working dog breeds

Most of the dogs on our team are husky's or husky crosses, whose breed line is a working, pulling breed, but this definitely doesn't mean that other dogs cant come out. Lots of time, the energy that dogs have is because they are having a tough time finding a life doing the work that they were bred for doing. Though we have definitely learned over the years that ANY type of dog can pull on a line if they really want to. This is where our training program comes in handy.

Two kinds of training

Things that we cover for runs



This is sort of the reason youre likely here, so the nitty gritty of it is that each session, or run, can last anywhere between 1hr-8hrs, with nearly each and every run heading to a different location. 

As far as a dogwalking gig, Its a pretty kickass bang for your buck 

Treats on the trails

We take enormous amount of care to ensure that no matter what the size or breed of dog, theyre getting the appropriate nutrition on the trails to be performing like a stellar athlete. 

We provide all the treats on the trail, which include raw moose meat, beef trimmings, or super high octane dog kibble (tokamak brand)

Health checks

Aside from the health checks that you provide for your dogs anyways, before and after each run, we go over all the limbs, paws, joint, tummy's, etc. to make sure that each dog is in good physical condition. 

That being said, sometimes, injuries DO and CAN occur, like they would for any athlete. In the case of injury, we do our very best to prevent any further injury by working with the owner during the recovery process. 

Constant updates about your buddy

The coolest thing is that you will usually get running updates while we are out on the trails (unless its too cold to have the phone out) about where we are and the adventures we are getting into. As well as just feedback about your pup and their behaviour. 

Diet and nutrition advice

Once your dog starts coming out with us, it'll be important, for their health, to get the right nutrition at home. We know every family is different, so we try to work with you best we can to make sure that even though were all from different families, you can rest easy knowing that your doggy is getting the right stuff for the work that theyre doing. 

Things that you'll provide for run sessions

Pick up and drop off

This is the equivalent of dropping your kid off at dance classes, or dropping them off at school. Our work is in running dogs, not in transporting them.

Work with us on doggy diet

For humans and dogs alike, sticking to a diet sucks. HOWEVER, because your dogs health is SO dependent on diet and exercise, we can take care of both while out on the trails, but at home, we leave the diet to you. We need to be able to trust that pups will have some good solid food regimes to make sure that they aren't going to do more damage to their body than what we can see. Not on our watch!

A work outfit for your dog

This means a harness. Every doggy family is responsible for purchasing their own harness, which their name must be written clearly on in indelible marker. We do our best to make sure leashes and harnesses  are returned in good condition...sometimes they get misplaced after a run and don't return after every run, but be forgiving, we do our best.