Native Plant Rescue


Planning to build?

In some areas of Southern Ontario, over 94% of natural land cover has been lost from agriculture, cottaging, urban development

Landscaping in your yard?

You can help to offset damages to environments from development as well as add to the stock that Green Feet uses to construct natural ecosystems for our clients, helping to keep costs for our services low


Any time of year: Before you bulldoze, mow, or pick up your shovel for large yard projects, give us a call to arrange a free site inspection

Offset your Ecological Footprint

All we need to know is two things:

  1. Any existing cable, hydro, water or sewer lines, etc (you can contact your municipality to arrange by clicking here)
  2. A convenient time frame where aGreen Feet crew can visit the site in order to remove native or rare species, free of charge

Rescued plants are available for sale

Ask us about our Native Plant Rescue Project!

Green Feet works with small businesses and Ecologically Friendly landscaping professionals in order to offset the costs for our clients. Rescued plants are available at a reduced cost in order to fund our social enterprising goals.

*Stay tuned for more details on this throughout spring/summer 2017