Natural, Sustainable, Productive Landscapes

Native gardens


Native (or heritage) gardens use plants that have grown and thrived in a specific area of land in order to recreate plantscapes that look and feel like you are walking through a natural environment. 

Butterfly Gardens


These gardens use native flowers that bees from our area just love! They are both beautiful, colourful, and draw focus to an important ecosystem service that our environments rely on: pollination and pollinators

Organic Food Gardens


These gardens provide one of the most important Ecosystem services: Food! Green feet works with the landowner to teach you how to grow and maintain your gardens so that you can provide lots of organic, non-gmo food to your family at little to no cost

Restoration Agriculture


The techniques we use can help you to convert large scale conventional agriculture into diverse ecosystems which boast many benefits to the landowner and the environment... 

Monitoring and Maintenance


We can offer you regular monitoring and maintenance of your new ecosystems

Native plant Rescue


Much of the stock that is used comes from Native Plant Rescues. This is where plants are 'rescued' from development or building projects and then transplanted into native gardens or on restoration sites where they can continue to thrive

Working with your budget



Green Feet offers consultations for: -Organic, Food, Butterfly, and Native gardens -Initial consultations for Land planning -Initial consultations for Project planning

Consultations involves up to 2hrs of education, planning, pointing out notable features of your property, and discussing your vision for your property. 


Consultations: $120 ($60/hr if you have a smaller property)

Landscape creation/maintenance: Baseline rate $40/hr + materials, $35/hr/person extra

Land Resource Inventories: $500-$3000

Project planning, pre feasibility studies, etc: Price is on a per job basis according to your budget and needs

Education: $100-$250 presentation

Travel: For education, consultations, or labor to sites outside the Saugeen Shores area, travel costs will be charged $0.35/k

For projects which require >1day and are outside the Bruce/Huron county areas, a $500 travel and accommodation fee applies

We're flexible

In some cases that consultation or even labor cost can be waived with the booking of a project, and as always, we do operate in the barter system as we are a social enterprise. 

Sweet Deal!

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