How does this work?

Rides and Passengers:

Children 60lbs or smaller will share a ride in the basket of a cargo sled or in the basket of a sprint sled driven by an adult.

Sprint sleds carry no more than 2 passengers: 1 adult (driver) and 1 child (60lbs or less)

60-100lb children can share a ride standing on the back.

Rides are available on our freight sleds for up to two adults, one adult and two children, or up to three children.

For adults wishing to drive their own sled, a minimum of two sleds will depart, one sled which you, the rider, will be standing on the back of. Your ‘team’ will follow your guide to your destination.

What about the weather?

Please keep in mind that routes and runs are 100% weather dependant! Snow conditions can change quickly and we want to minimize stress on the dogs and damage to equipment!

Safety and Preparations

1. DRESS WARMLY! This means extra socks, finger mittens, scarf, hat, if you have it snow goggles, extra layers. Tuck your scarf in and tie your hair up so it isn’t caught on anything. You wont be going out it youre not dressed warmly! Winter cold is UNFORGIVING!

2. Go to the washroom before you come out or meet up

3. Make sure you have had an adequate meal before heading out. Dogsledding takes up a SURPRISING amount of energy. its not jsut the dogs pulling but you’ll be pushing, calling commands, and sometimes pushing the sled up a hill.

4. Please let your guide know of any health conditions: diabetes, back problems, cold sensitivity, etc…ANYTHING that may be of concern on the trail

5. Adults with children, PLEASE keep a close watch on your children. understandably, this is exciting, but sometime, the safety of children is absolutely top priority. We can keep an eye on kids, adults and dogs at all times, but we don't have eyes in the back of our heads so we do ask that parents keep control of your children and follow requests.

6. Surprises happen! Be prepared for anything to go wrong, but hope that nothing does. We have taken every precaution to ensure you get both a genuine experience that is safe, but don't be thrown off kilter if you're thrown off a sled ;) After all, this IS an extreme sport.

7. Dogs do fight sometimes. This is normal and is not cause for alarm with our dogs. All our dogs have been socialized with each other and are friendly, but they're like any humans and will snap at each other. This is normal. We do have a standard of temperament of the dogs we work with so that this does not happen.


1hr tour: 30-45 minutes running time

Includes hookup and setup, meeting the dogs, a short lesson on driving the sled (if you will be driving a sled), safety and precautions, and a ride. 

Option 1: 4km loop around Tokamak kennel

Option 2: beginner, rail trail, concession rd 4 (1km S of Port Elgin), 200m W of 21, 6-8km out and back 

Option 3: beginner, concession rd 10/links side road (port Elgin) – concession rd 14 and back via snowmobile trails, 5km 

Option 4: intermediate, concession rd 14 (port Elgin) – Bruce rd 3 and back via snowmobile trail, 5 km 

Cost: $125/person/sled

2hr tour: 80-100 minutes running time

Includes all above, as setup and hookup times are the same, but the ride is much longer. 

Option 1: *specialty tour, ice running, Various locations pending safe ice conditions (apprx time 2hrs). 

Option 2:intermediate, snowmobile trails bruce rd 17 – concession rd 12W *

Option 3: beginner, rail trail, concession rd 4 (1km S of Port Elgin), 200m W of 21, 12-14km out and back 

Cost: $220/person/sled. 

For $260/person/sled, excursion rides can be arranged to reach more remote areas. Just ask!

Half Day Tour

Half day: includes all above, but these tours take you to more remote locations on distances of apprx 15-30km. This also includes hot chocolate along the trail, time to stop for pictures en route, and the options of switching teams. 

Check back with us shortly as we negotiate our trails for half day tours for this season ;)

Cost: $400/person/sled

Coming Soon!


We are working on some special tours...


as well as are marking out our trails on maps for you to see this year


This will make it easier to help you pick your tours

Please be patient as we update this years content :)

Still not sure?


Heres some ideas...

Childrens birthday parties or events: dogsledding can happen at your family event for periods of 1-2hrs. These are shorter trips and are available for groups of 1-10, kids of 10+, and usually run between 5-15 minutes. This gives a great shorter experience for youth (weighing 60lbs or less). This includes time to meet dogs, time to take photos, helping with hookup and harnessing, safety and precautions, and of course rides. Teams come already harnessed, and a short lesson can be arranged for those who wish to drive a team.

Cost: $400/2hrs OR



How to Book a tour?

How to book a tour?

Call us! ( 7 0 5 – 3 2 1 – 8 3 2 7) or Bruce Taxi (Port Elgin ON : 5 1 9 – 8 3 2 – 2 1 1 1)  

Some helpful things to let us know are:

- number of participants

- age of children

- size of participants

- how long you’d like to be out for

- how many would like to ride a sled, how many would like to drive their own (age 14+)

BUNDLE UP and review details on safety and recommendations

Super important! You have to have to have to sign a waiver. After signing a waiver, and going over safety and preparations,   we’ll be off and running!

Payments can be made as cash or cheque made out to “Amanda Hutter, Green Feet”

Reciepts available upon request.


Specialized trips

*Green Feet specializes in Ice Running along the shores of Lake Huron and trail runs. This first option offers you the feel of running through lands of arctic glaciers, with breathtaking views, and the safety of knowing that the water is ony a foot deep

Risky business!

* Any and all dogsledding services that carry risks as an extreme sport, including excursions and trips, participants must have a waiver of liability signed. You can review this waiver here. Green Feet does not currently insure this specialized service because were small scale and old school. 

Please Review our Waiver here if you want to come out with us