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Our main musher was born into dogsledding. Because of that, she has actively been out on many trails with many other amazing mushers in the dogsledding community for over 30 years. In that time, there have been many pressures - like climate change, animal welfare and health, etc - and consequently many changes that have driven changes in the sport, such as timing of training and learning leading ways to care for our canine friends. Each mushing operation operates a little differently, but we pride ourselves in being a part of some  incredible communities of practice whose members that we learn from who are leading the way in dogsledding activities.

As a result our operation doesn't actually own any dogs.

That's right. All of our dogs have their own families that they live with when they are not out on the trails. We like to say that we are the equivalent of the fun aunt that brings the nieces and nephews out for adventures to give their parents a break. Dogs are picked up or dropped off at a pre-arranged meeting point, where we give the dogs time to meet, catch up, play, and then we bring out their work outfits and much to their delight, we head out on the trails. After our runs, each and every dog goes back home to their families and lives the happy normal life of a pet. 

A pet that's a stellar athlete that is. Over the fall training and touring season, we work closely with each family on care practices, health, diet, and training to make sure that these athletes are treated as athletes while living a rich awesome life with their families :) 

Our work during the summers has given us the chance to work with incredible individuals and organizations. Over the years this has now culminated into a stunning variety of trails through every possible type of ecosystem across some of the most beautiful landscapes throughout Bruce and grey counties.

We are forever thankful to all who we work with through our sledding. It is because of some incredible collaboration that  this beautiful sport is able to thrive in a new and unique way. 

Check out some of these super awesome associations we are linked up with here

Meet the doggies



Rocky "Fuzz" was from one of the last litters of a friends touring operation. Although very shy, this fella is the boss! Stubborn as a classic husky, he tends to listen to boys better then girls and lives at the family's small team in Saugeen Shores. 



Kooda "Chomp" is an endearing fella who was rehomed from Toronto.  He is 10yrs old, and is still full of incredible energy. He enjoys long walks beachcombing on the beaches near the family home and one of the starring lead dogs of the family team.



Zorro has had a number of homes before coming to live at the family team. He is an alaskan husky, who because of his large size and youthful demeanor made him a welcome addition to the family. 



Bandit is a purebred siberian husky who went from experiencing extreme anxiety in his youth, to being one of the snuggliest of the dogs that we run. During runs off leash, he is usually found as close to his owner as possible. 



Gracie is a purebred siberian husky who is probably the loudest girl that we run. Full of energy, she is probably the bossiest of females! She had a number of different homes before she found her forever home. 

Stryker (Gusto)


The newest addition to the family team in Saugeen shores, this little one enjoys trips in the canoe and is a bestie of our littlest musher. He is a purebred Siberian husky, and has shown such an amazing demeanor both off leash and on the team that he is now the latest being trained in lead. 



Indy lives part time up in Northern Ontario then during the winters spends time in our hometown



LIloup is our core dog that lives with our own family here at Green Feet. Shes hardcore. Period



Igloo is our resident Canadian Inuit Dog and is a beast



Thisle is one of our seasoned professionals in both lead and in team. She lives with Igloo



Miska is our 2 yr old knucklehead who is an absolute bundle of energy



Luna is Luna....she shocks us with her jokes all the time



Kendra is probably the hardest to handle dog that we own...leave it to the redheads. She lives with Enya



Anja is another hard to handle dog that we love to work with for her incredible strength. She lives with Kendra and one of our younger mushers in training

Willow (Terra)


Willow the alaskan husky joins us from the Broken Trails kennel and we look forward to seeing her on the lines this year



Meeko loves cheeseburgers and is also another seasoned veteran of our teams



Drogo the Malamute is the largest, the strongest, and the most Game of Thrones like character that we have on our team. Newly introduced to this sport, this gentle beast has taken to it like a natural and is in training for lead position. 



The last of our additions to our training teams this year, Georgia the malamute blew us away over time with her dedication to learning the sport. Apprehensive at first, she now shines as one of our strongest and most enthusiastic pullers who made it through her 400km of training to join our teams.