Bartering Options

Sweet deal!


Green Feet is a social enterprise, meaning we operate our business in a way that is considerate to real people.

If you prefer an alternative to paying for the ecosystem services that Green Feet provides, we are flexible. We will work with you to barter with our services for products or other services that you may have to offer

"The concepts of bartering and trade go as far back as ancient times, and trade is the basis for most forms of economics...While trading is still done using websites and through in-person contact, money continues to rule when it comes to buying the things we want or need. With new technology, real currency is seen less frequently as it once way, as it is replaced by electronic transfers and other types of quick virtual transactions. Credit cards are now one of the most common ways people buy things, and cash is becoming less and less common as a method of payment. As society changes and adapts, the idea of using trade, bartering, and money will continue to evolve along with it. (Anonymous)

Business to Business


From one business to another, the cost for services can be bartered at equal value to the products or services you offer

Endless options


Depending on your context and situation, we can work with you in any number of ways in order to arrange a barter. Some examples that we are currently seeking include:

  • Childcare for our employees
  • Vehicle repair for work vehicle
  • Food services
  • Greenhouse equipment or materials (i.e. pots, plastic coverings, watering equipment, etc)

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