Aerial Imagery and Analysis

Environmental work for the 21st century

Beginning in May of 2018, we are proud to be able to provide our community with Aerial Imagery and Analysis services that are geared specifically to help restore and protect the health of ecosystems in our communities.

We will be offering the following services that can help you to manage the Ecosystem Services on your site:

  • Sulphur, Potassium, and Nitrogen content distribution
  • Detection of nutrient deficiencies
  • Plant counting, population counting 
  • Estimation of impacts to crop yields (this is in the case where there is a mix of agriculture system with an adjacent environmental project).
  • Identifying areas where water stress is suspected
  • Surveying of difficult to access structures
  • Monitoring animal populations and animal habitat
  • Habitat analysis
  • Livestock impact analysis (for projects where agriculture system is adjacent to an environmental project)
  • Canopy coverage & density detection
  • Growth trending (over time)
  • Vegetation dynamics or plant phenological changes (over time)
  • Project monitoring – time lapse
  • Pest Outbreaks
  • Survey of Ecological Benefits
  • Biomass surveys and estimates
  • Detection of Algae blooms
  • Changes in land conditions (seasonal or over time)
  • Vegetation or land cover classification
  • Soil moisture
  • Soil Fertility
  • Carbon sequestration or CO2 flux
  • Soil properties 
  • Moisture analysis 
  • Water pooling
  • Ecosystem health and stress analysis
  • Water system monitoring
  • Erosion analysis
  • Optical Imaging (simple photography)
  • Aerial Videos
  • 3D Modelling
  • Digital surface models (DSM)
  • Live aerial tours (this is typically for inspections of a site, and is a fun way to get a birds eye view of a site)

Learn More about the 'Eagle Eye Project'

The Eagle Eye Project is currently underway!

Thanks to the support from Bruce Power and associated organizations who have worked with Bruce Power in order to provide Environmental Restoration and Protection projects, this project will be using cutting edge technology and software to provide images and data that will help to capture the impact and values of Ecosystem Services being returned to our land. 

Find out more about this project on our Collaborative Projects Page