The story of Bruce County and Saugeen Shores

"To know where you're going, its important to know where you came from"

It is important to understand the history of our area of Saugeen Shores. Long before it was settled and colonized, Saugeen Shores was a vibrant and lush Great Lakes-Laurentian ecological community that thrived from the presence of all creatures, first nations people (Anishnabek, Ojibwe), plants, and animals. Development of this area began in the mid-late 1800's through the establishment of treaties with First Nation peoples that endorsed the sharing, trusts, and rights to land. These were never honored, the effect of which is a part of our Canadian legacy. 

The influence of settlement since that time, ecologically speaking, often resifted in damage to the ecosystem services of our land, mostly from two of the largest land development activities that we much of in our area today: Conventional agriculture and cottaging. 

These activities are important to our culture and as our society over the past 60 years continues to learn more about ecosystems and environments through research, as well as from our First Nation friends, many landowners, businesses, industries, and individuals now work together to incorporate ways to respect our land into farming and cottaging practices. 

Today we are all re-educating ourselves in better ways to live in balance with our natural world.